Everyday Disciples

Everyday Disciples has taken some form in the teaching ministry of our preacher, Joseph Pauley, since 2005. The core principle behind the program has been to encourage growth in the Lord's disciples by engaging in the daily disciplines of reading and meditating on Scripture, prayer, and the expressing of praise and devotion in song.

Beginning in 2018 it will evolve into a comprehensive teaching program. While it will retain the daily aspect of the program, it will expand to integrate Joseph's sermons and Sunday adult Bible class, as well as contain a smaller dimension with monthly discipleship groups for men ("Band of Brothers") and women ("S.O.S. - Sisters of Strength") to promote a deeper interaction with disciples walking the discipleship path. 

2018 THEME

Foundation: Encountering the History & Meaning of Discipleship in Luke

Luke clearly lays out the history of the disciples of Jesus Christ in the book that bears his name. It's vital for disciples to know the Master, what He taught, and how we came to be.

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