Kingdom Forward


How will disciples be equipped to carry out the mission of the church in our time and place?

The Kingdom Forward Mission & Ministry School is an effort to equip disciples to do just that.

It is an academic, mission-centered school for the training of all Christians for mission and ministry.

Spring 2018

Course: Historical Christian Evidences

Video Instructor: Ed Wharton

This series focuses on the considerable evidence proving the existence of Jesus, the factual accuracy of the New Testament writings, and the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. At each step the student is led to see the logical conclusions to be drawn from such evidence. This is one of the most encouraging and faith-building studies imaginable. 

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Who? Any disciple 13 years or older

When? Sundays, 3:30 - 5:30p; begins March 4th

Where? Auditorium

What? You must commit to 11 weeks of study, 22 classroom hours, and additional reading outside the class sessions. Not up for the commitment? Don't participate.