Surprise Valley Youth Camp

Surprise Valley Youth Camp was   established   back   in   1959   by   faithful   Christian   men (associated  with  the  churches  of  Christ)  and  it  sits  on  about  38  acres  of land.  When  the  camp  was  first  established  it  was  a  Bible  camp  for  boys. Now  it  is  a  camp  for  boys  and  girls. The  location  of  the  camp  is  excluded only  a  few  miles  from  downtown  Beckley,  West  Virginia.  You  have  your privacy,  but  yet  you  can  be  at  a  hospital  or  downtown  Beckley  within  a few   minutes.   Over   the   years   we   have   remodeled   the   buildings   on campus and we continue to maintain them every year.If  you're  looking  for  a  Christian  youth  camp  to  attend  we  hope  that  you will consider Surprise Valley youth camp in Beckley, West Virginia.

Camp Dates for 2021:

JUNIOR WEEKS (ages 7-12 years):  JUNE 13-19 & JUNE 20-26

SENIOR WEEK (ages 13-18 years):    JULY 11-17

ALL-AGE WEEK (ages 7-18 years):  JULY 18-24

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